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Ghana warriors to the world! Witness the best of Professional Kickboxing in Ghana. Local and International contestants will be announced shortly.
Date: 29th December 2021

Time: 8:00pm-12 Midnight
Venue: Untamed Empire

The Republic Spirit Music is the biggest outdoor event which is dedicated to the celebration of the unique expression of African culture through the Music, Arts and Craft all in one space.In addition to contemporary live music, the festival is a venue for other creative expressions including: dance, fashion, cinema, and other arts. Different artistes across various genres and geographies are billed to perform at this year’s event which would happen on 29th December at the Untamed Empire, Spintex Road.

The RS SME Business Seminar will provide a pro-active networking platform for Ghana-based and African Diasporan entrepreneurs and Investors from the SME and supporting service business Sectors. Mission & Goals: -To create an impactful platform that will exponentially develop the insights and knowledge base of all of the participants - Share innovative business ideas and concepts that can tangibly convert into mutually beneficial commercial opportunities - Showcase unique products and services that can cross-pollinate across territories - Identify potential distributors, resellers,

The RS Creative Arts & Music Seminar will provide insights to participants on the various Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions within the Music & Creative-Arts industry in Ghana, from legal, to business, and everything in-between, as well provide a plethora of opportunities for business development. Mission & Goals Dialogue about cultural cross-pollination between Ghana and the Diaspora - Establish the rationale for Collaborations, Joint Venture or Alliances - Develop participants insights about how the creative industries work in Ghana and the

Begin the year by taking a breath of fresh air on The Republic Spirit Volta Cruise. This cruise takes a journey from the Akosombo Harbour to the sacred Dodi Island. This is an ALL WHITE party where you can dance and dine to Amapiano, Afrobeats and Old School music hosted by DJ Mix-Master-Berto (International DJ of the Year Award).  Have fun on the Captains Deck with Champagne and Kokroko (Ghanas Most Famous Cocktail). There are amazing Hours d'Ouvres for lunch and great

In addition to this year's Republic Spirit events, we would also launch the Republic Ghana Museum of Music (RGMM).The purpose of this entity is to collect, preserve, interpret, and display objects of music significance for the study and education of the public.The RGMM will have varied curations annually in 2022 with the pilot event this December,  a fundraiser which would help kickstart this historical project. The RGMM is registered as an NGO and has as part of its objectives, to help