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With a line-up of seasoned charismatic performers, the reputation of BIG MOUNTAIN as the finest international pop Reggae band has remained in tact for over 20 years. The driving force of BIG MOUNTAIN is lead singer and rhythm guitarist Quino (pronounced Keeno) who is surrounded by the musical force of his bother Santo James on percussions and vocals, Paul "Grooves Galore" Kastick on Drums, Goofy Campbell on keyboards, Michael Hyde (who is also the keyboardist for Ziggy Marley), Reggie Griffin on guitar and saxophone (formerly the guitarist for the Isley Brothers) as well as newly added members of BIG MOUNTAIN, Tim Pecheco on percussions and vocals, Danny Lopilato on guitar and vocals, Andre Sias on second set of drums, Carlos Arias on bass and Stephen Kamada on guitar. "Our music is at a level", states Quino, "where people of all cultures and ages can enjoy it. We are humbled by the immense radio play we have received for over 20 years now. Outside of Bob Marley, we became the number one most played Reggae band worldwide. We have had several charting singles, "Touch My Light", "Reggae Inna Summertime", "Baby I Love Your Way", "Sweet Sensual Love", "Get Together" and "Caribbean Blue" to name just a few. In June 2013, Pony Canyon Records in Japan released a new 2 CD compilation set titled "Best Grooves". The set features 31 BIG MOUNTAIN songs. This is a great collection of BIG MOUNTAIN recordings which includes new unreleased BIG MOUNTAIN recordings. Two of the new radio singles on the "Best Grooves" album are the remake of the Bob Dylan classic "Lay Lady Lay" and the single "Under The Boardwalk". After spending ten years touring, in 2002 Big Mountain stopped touring America and spent the majority of their time until now performing in Asia and South America. Starting in October 2013, BIG MOUNTAIN will start touring again. BIG MOUNTAIN perform in a variety of line-up options, ranging from Quino solo, to 2 / 3 / 6 - 8 / 10 pax on stage.


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