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REPUBLIC SPIRIT 2021 Festival will feature African brands curated to offer a wide variety of products. Republic Spirit Marketplace is a magnificent reflection of the diverse African culture, food, creativity and style represented by different brands across the continent and a fun filled experience curated for people from all walks of life and ages.

The Marketplace will showcase an outstanding array of products and services ranging from food, beverages, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, arts, crafts among others.

Brands are selected based on their quality, unique style, creativity and innovation. Each vendor category has a set capacity which once reached, slots for that category will be closed.

Application therefore does not guarantee acceptance and/or booth space.

400 GH
Basic Plan
<Day Pass/>
  • 1 5ft x 3ft Table area in shared space
  • 2 Chairs
  • 2 Gate Passes
  • Electric socket
  • Light Source
600 GH
Half Booth
<Day Pass/>
  • 1 10ft x 3ft Table area in shared space
  • 3 Chairs
  • 3 Gate Passes
  • Electric socket
  • Light Source
1000 GH
Full Booth
<Day Pass/>
  • 1 10ft x 10ft Full Tent
  • 4 Tables
  • 4 Chairs
  • 4 Gate Passes
  • Electric socket
  • Light Source

  1. Applications can be submitted from Friday, November 26, 2021 to Friday, December 10, 2021 at 6pm.
  2. Applying for a booth at the 2021 Republic Spirit Festival does not guarantee acceptance and/or booth space.
  3. Starting Tuesday, December 14, 2021, we will start sending out approvals.
  4. IMPORTANT: Once approval has been communicated, accepted applicants will have 5 days to execute the agreement and pay 100% of booth fees, i.e. full payment. If applicant does not execute agreement and pay fees within the allotted time frame, then the booth space will be allocated to another applicant.
  1. Submission of an application does not guarantee selection as a 2021 Republic Spirit Marketplace vendor.
  2. Selection of vendors and space assignments are at the discretion of 2021 Republic Spirit Festival.
  3. Starting no later than December 14, 2021, we will start sending out approvals.
  4. The Festival reserves the right to limit the number of vendors selling similar items or services.
  5. Applications completed after December 10, 2021 deadline will be accepted ONLY IF space is still available and the products offered enhance the overall Republic Spirit Marketplace experience.
  6. All confirmed vendors will be notified of booth number via email /WhatsApp by December 19, 2021. Booth location will not be changed once assigned.
  1. 2021 Republic Spirit Festival will provide booth as paid for by vendor on the application.
  2. There is no guarantee of booth placement/location at any venue.
  3. Booth location will not be changed once assigned.
  4. Booth space must look professional. Creativity with booth display is encouraged.
  5. All operations related to booth space MUST be contained within assigned booth footprint and not interfere with adjacent booth space or obstruct aisles and pedestrian walkways
  6. All vendor booths must remain open and staffed for business for the duration of the Festival except approved by authorised agent
  7. Vendor will comply with the check-out process and ensure booth space is left in good condition.
  8. Vendor will park only in approved designated areas.
  9. Vendor agrees to comply by Fire Safety Guidelines.
  10. Republic Spirit is not responsible for theft, lost items or damages of any kind.
  11. Only Republic Spirit approved, contracted vendors are allowed to vend at the venue and may not be reassigned nor sublet by the Vendor to anyone else.
  12. Vendors must have a trash bin at their stand to collect waste materials from their food or drink preparation. Vendors are responsible for disposal of trash related to set up, break down and general operation of space.
  1. Republic Spirit does not guarantee vendor items will be sold or guarantee the amount of revenue that is generated from sales.
  2. Vendors are solely responsible for sales and marketing of their merchandise.
  3. The selling of vendor merchandise is only authorized within assigned and designed booth space.
  4. All vendors may only sell what the Festival has pre-approved during the registration and Vendor Agreement.
  5. Merchandise on sale must be appropriate for minors and all ages.
  1. Booth fees are due in full 5 business days upon contract date, unless exception is provided by Republic Spirit or its representative in writing.
  2. All fees will be processed online via mobile money or bank transfer. No cash/checks or money orders are accepted.
  3. Republic Spirit will not refund booth fees due to low or no sales, revenue and/or lack thereof of revenue generated by sales.
  4. The Republic Spirit Festival outdoor events are rain/no rain events. Refunds and cancellations due to weather is not an acceptable cause for a booth refund.
  5. Refund request: A 50% refund of vendor fees shall be given upon 7 days of a refund request, however, refunds will not be given less than 10 days to the event.
  1. Vendors will be pre-assigned credentials sign-in, site access, arrival and set-up times.
  2. All vendor/ exhibitor booths must not close its booth or tear down prior to specified venue closing times
  3. Vendors must be completely set-up and ready for business an hour before Shops opening.
  4. All vendors are responsible for cleaning their space and trash removal during and after the Festival.
  1. Vendor agrees to complete the vendor check out procedure following closing of the show, which includes:  Completion of Republic Spirit Marketplace Survey.
  1. The Republic Spirit management maintains the exclusive right to ALL BEVERAGE SALES and DISTRIBUTION at the Festival.
  2. Unless previously authorized, NO VENDOR or SPONSOR may sell or provide samples of alcohol, carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, iced tea or bottled fruit juices or beverages of any kind.
  3. This policy will be strictly enforced and will result in termination.

Booth fee includes:

  1.     Booth space
  2.     2 chairs and table
  3.     Signage
  4.     Vendors will be given two tickets for members of their operating team.
  5.     Source of power
  6.     Social media promotion

2 bottles of watersAll power requirements must be predetermined with Republic Spirit management. Any additional on-site requirements may incur an additional charge and will require your own electrical extension cords.